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中島りか/Rika Nakashima




Rika Nakashima studied Fine Art and graduated from the Chelsea College of Arts in London in 2018. Her work takes multiple forms, ranging from site-specific installations and performances to public interventions in urban space. She is interested in notions of liminality and in-betweenness, she explores the liminal relation between the private and public, and investigates the cathartic function of art through gestures which point towards the social construction of bodies and identities. The use of semiotic tools - texts, signs and symbols, serves as a way of visual storytelling and means to reveal intricate connections between the realms of personal experience and public life, and as the means of approaching the beauty of little acts of resistance against dominant regimes of knowledge and power.


Online Archives & Exhibition Reviews 

>Art Action UK Residency 2021 artist statement for Bodies On The MatterI tower over my dead body.

>内と外のふたつの視点から解読する。中島水緒評「I tower over my dead body.」展 美術手帖ウェブ

>中島りか 個展「I tower over my dead body.」美術手帖ウェブ

​>TOMO都市美術館 中島りか「Bodies On The Matter」

>Arts in COVID-19「A WAITING ROOM」Goethe institut Tokyo

>ゼロ地点から向かいます──放蕩娘たちのストリーク 松井茂評「都市のみる夢」展 美術手帖ウェブ


2022-        founded a project called 脱衣所-(a)place to be naked 

2019-2023  Tokyo University of Arts (MA, GA)

2015-2018  Chelsea College of Arts, UAL (BA, Fine Art) – Distinction

2014-2015  Central Saint Martin, UAL (Foundation course) –Distinction

2014           Central Saint Martin, UAL (Orientation course)

1995     Born in Aichi, Japan 

Exhibitions / Performance 

2023 The Whole World, Watching, 脱衣所-(a)place to be naked, Tokyo 

2022 「憑在実験/Hauntological Experiment vol.1」 - datsuijo's Opening Event, 脱衣所-(a)place to be naked, Tokyo 

          Still Feudal - Yamamoto Handshake, N/A/S/L, Mexico City, Mexico

    The Arts of Dissent: Art and Democracy, Chinretsukan, Tokyo

          Cherry Blossom Party「桜を見る会」, eitoeiko, Tokyo

          YAU TEN, YAU COUNTER, Tokyo

          Awakening and Illusion: Dialogues with the Invisible「覚醒と幻惑:見えないものとの対話」, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo 

2021   I tower over my dead body. , Gallery TOH, Tokyo

          Stilllive - Performance platform, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo 

    Bodies On The Matter, Tomotoshi Art Museum, Tokyo

          s.s.s.s., roji-to-hito, Tokyo

2020   A City Dreaming「都市のみる夢」, Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Museum, Tokyo

     Maebashi Art Film Festival, Maebashi, Gumma

           A Waiting Room, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo


2018   Chelsea College of Arts Degree Show, Hopkins Parade Ground, London

2017   Translations, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London

           Cross Play, White Conduits Project Gallery, London

           Cue 2 Cue, Etcetera Theatre, London

2016   Territories, Cookhouse, London 

           The Beginning of Truth, Punctum Gallery, London

           MEETING POINT, Myatts Field Park, London

2015   Synonyms for exploration, Triangle Space, London

           Central Saint Martin Foundation Show, London

2014   JPS Award Exhibition, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo / Kyoto City Museum of Arts, Kyoto

2013   Visual Voice Award Exhibition, University of Arts and Sciences, Nagoya


Curatorial Practices

2022   Hauntological Experiment - 脱衣所-(a)place to be naked, Tokyo 

2021   s.s.s.s., roji-to-hito, Tokyo

2020   A Waiting Room, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo

2020 A City Dreaming「都市のみる夢」, Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Museum, Tokyo

2017   Cue to Cue, Etcetera Theatre, London

2016   The Beginning of Truth, Punctum Gallery, London

2016   MEETING POINT, Myatts Field Park, London



2023 Yeast Yeast at East East, Science Museum, Tokyo 

2022 Flat CIty, Bouy, Tokyo

Papers / Books

2021  "A City Dreaming" Exhibition Catalogue

    "A Waiting Room - 待つものと待たれるものの間” - GA Journal vol.2

     虚像培養芸術論 アートとテレビジョンの想像力 著者:松井茂, FilmArt社 (エピローグに「都市のみる夢」展示批評掲載)

2018  "At the Threshold: The Space in Between" at Chelsea College of Arts Library Collection

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